Session #2 - A Website of Your Own


Individual Websites for teachers, individuals


Mobile websites optimize view for mobile devices

Digital Footprint online sample -   -  Seton Hall Professor  - Platform University


Assessing traffic to site, Assessing site needs - Google Analytics, Surveys

Websites including Blogs - Blogs are great for journaling, adding personality and authority

Getting started - Making your own site, sites for teachers

Domains - Choosing A Domain Name

  • Domain Name Defined - URL
  • Purchase via Bluehost, Hover, Godaddy, etc…
  • Choose a name
  • Can be redirected to replace your free site name edublogs, etc

Examples - Teachers

Teacher Examples - Vicky Davis, BarbinNebraska, Barb Grade 3 Wiki, Mr. Meyer , Matt Gomez, Kleinspiration, Shannon Miller, PernillesRipp, Paul Solarz

Examples and Supporting Info

Platform Michael Hyatt - Platform University