Session #3 - Google Docs/Drive

Show Notes

Google Drive/Docs

  • Features- Online, Autosave, Anywhere access

  • Advantages of: file sharing, Google environment, ease of use, constant improvement, cloud based

  • Concerns with: privacy, ad sales, no help desk. Support is easy as many users.

    1. Alternatives - Mac based- iCloud , Outlook , Other?

    2. Difference between Dropbox and Drive

  • Google using, email, using calendar, google drive create and share files. Download files as office, e.g. working on our podcast via Drive, meeting prep & handouts, etc.

  • Simplicity - just about what everyone needs for a word processor, etc.

  • iOS and Android apps

How to Use in Schools:

  • Google Forms
  • MIddle States, Planning of Projects
  • Faculty Meetings
  • Class Activities


Google Drive Features - Autosave, 30 gigs of storage

Google+ Communities

Catholicedchat on Google+ - First Saturday of each month Hangout also

Google Safety