Session 10: Fraser Speirs

Podcast Recording


In this cast, we interview Fraser Speirs of the Cedars School of Excellence and the Out of School podcast. We discuss what is still exciting about schools going 1:1 and what might be next for education and technology.

Session #3 - Google Docs/Drive

Show Notes

Google Drive/Docs

  • Features- Online, Autosave, Anywhere access

  • Advantages of: file sharing, Google environment, ease of use, constant improvement, cloud based

  • Concerns with: privacy, ad sales, no help desk. Support is easy as many users.

    1. Alternatives - Mac based- iCloud , Outlook , Other?

    2. Difference between Dropbox and Drive

  • Google using, email, using calendar, google drive create and share files. Download files as office, e.g. working on our podcast via Drive, meeting prep & handouts, etc.

  • Simplicity - just about what everyone needs for a word processor, etc.

  • iOS and Android apps

How to Use in Schools:

  • Google Forms
  • MIddle States, Planning of Projects
  • Faculty Meetings
  • Class Activities


Google Drive Features - Autosave, 30 gigs of storage

Google+ Communities

Catholicedchat on Google+ - First Saturday of each month Hangout also

Google Safety

Session #2 - A Website of Your Own


Individual Websites for teachers, individuals


Mobile websites optimize view for mobile devices

Digital Footprint online sample -   -  Seton Hall Professor  - Platform University


Assessing traffic to site, Assessing site needs - Google Analytics, Surveys

Websites including Blogs - Blogs are great for journaling, adding personality and authority

Getting started - Making your own site, sites for teachers

Domains - Choosing A Domain Name

  • Domain Name Defined - URL
  • Purchase via Bluehost, Hover, Godaddy, etc…
  • Choose a name
  • Can be redirected to replace your free site name edublogs, etc

Examples - Teachers

Teacher Examples - Vicky Davis, BarbinNebraska, Barb Grade 3 Wiki, Mr. Meyer , Matt Gomez, Kleinspiration, Shannon Miller, PernillesRipp, Paul Solarz

Examples and Supporting Info

Platform Michael Hyatt - Platform University



Session #1 - Talking Tech in the Real World


Show Notes

Tech New YorkConference - October 18th Links

Technology in Education News Examples


Technology in Education News - Keeping on top of trends

Horizon Report

Favorite New Apps Project Management/Tasks

Mighty Texts

Quickly text from computer, phone, mobile.

Mike - @thedailysaint


Nancy - @ncara on twitter - Ed Blog